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WON Marketing Inc. Announces new division, CHIROPRACTIC SEO to focus solely on Chiropractors

<Algonquin, IL – January 29, 2015> On the company’s founder 10 years anniversary of being an entrepreneur, WON Marketing founder Scott Gallagher has decided to transform his business to focus on an industry he’s extremely passionate about – Chiropractors.

While Scott’s business has catered to hundreds of transportation companies, the move comes with his passion to help others. It took Chiropractic care with his children to decide how important this care is to the world.

While servicing the transportation business, Scott become so successful others wanted to learn and with a partner, Scott founded Local Marketing Source, LLC. LMS is an online training company.

This lead to small businesses of all types, however his passion lied with Chiropractors.

Scott has now released his book, Internet Marketing for Chiropractors, available on Amazon, their new website,, a webinar training series specific for Chiropractors and has spoken at many industry and national events.

On their new website, Chiropractic SEO offers many FREE tools for Chiropractors, including a free online training course, weekly podcast and FREE completely analysis and step-by-step plan for Chiropractic practices.

“I’ve been very excited to serve Chiropractors in the past, and ever since a Chiropractor changed my life, it’s our mission to get as many new patients to the world of Chiropractic as possible” Gallagher stated.

For additional information on WON Marketing’s move into the field of Chiropractic Marketing, contact Scott Gallagher at 847.807.4382 or visit

ABOUT CHIROPRACTIC SEO. Chiropractic SEO is a division of WON Marketing, Inc. WON Marketing is a Search Marketing company focusing on ranking businesses to the top ranks of the major search engines. With a focus on Organic traffic, WON Marketing provides a unique approach to the search engines, by focusing the customer’s needs. By providing SEO, Web Development and email marketing, WON Marketing is a complete organic marketing mix.


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