Marketing Plan

We’re not here to sell you anything, but at least try and earn the right to GIVE you a Complete Online Analysis of your business.  No cost to you.  No commitment.  Heck, we wrote the book on ‘Internet Marketing for Small Business‘, we know a few things.   Watch this 2 min video to learn what we have FREE for you.  You’ll quickly learn what we can do for you, all starting with us earn the right to your business with an impressive step-by-step plan you can implement on your own, if you chose.

Driving Qualified Traffic

Qualified Traffic is the first critical piece of generating leads.  Those prospects who are ideal for your business.  This marketing plan will provide you with the critical pieces to start or optimize your online marketing efforts.

  • Keyword Research for your top 5 revenue converting keywords.
  • Onsite Website Report on your website to what is wrong with the site from the eyes of the Search Engines.
  • Competitive Analysis Report on why competitors outrank you in Google and who’s strategy needs to be evaluated.
  • Specific steps to create the right mix of online exposure so you can rank high. When implemented, results could yield front page results, providing more leads.

Converting Traffic

Once you’ve generated qualified leads, you must convert those leads into customers or patients.   During our free customized Marketing Plan, we’ll provide you with all the right tools and analysis to help you improve your conversion.

  • Audience Group Analysis, delivering the right message to the right audience groups
  • Identify the objective and minimum objective of each audience group
  • Tips and Suggestions to improve conversion of each group
  • A System to immediately implement to properly measure all of your Internet Marketing success. Everything measured Improves.

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