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Our next webinar is scheduled for Thursday June 25th 1pm EST. Scott Gallagher will include advanced strategies to earn top spots in Google Places and other related data providers such as BING and Yelp!

  • Learn Simple Local SEO Techniques and enjoy more than 40% new business from your practice, firm or company
  • We will De-mystify Search Engine Marketing (Paid vs. Map vs. Organic) and how they all work together
  • We will explain How to Get Your Local Business Listed on the Google Map (One of the most frequently asked questions we get on a daily basis)
  • Increase New Patient / Client Referrals by uncovering and encouraging the influence’s online
  • Improve your Online Reviews dramatically with our Review Acquisition System Monitor and Improve your Online Reputation Management
  • Learn Citation and Link Acquisition Strategies Optimize your Google+ Local, Facebook and LinkedIn Pages with our Best Practices list
  • Why Search Engine & Internet Marketing is so Important for Local Businesses in Today’s Environment
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Introduction to Local Search Marketing

In this video, WON Marketing CEO Scott Gallagher discusses specific strategies to gain top spots in the search engines for Organic Local Listings, including best practices for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YELP among others. If you enjoyed this video, just give us your name and email address below and we’ll send you the Step-by-Step Checklist plus a Complete Excel Management Document you can use to implement the strategies in this video.

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Videos Included

1. Marketing Concepts Primer  Core marketing concepts and their descriptions

2. Site Design Concepts and Online Campaigns  Different philosophies towards increasing the bottom line

3. Online Marketing Defined  Online marketing principles & how they apply to an offline business

4. Find Your Customer Segment  Strategies on defining your audience for both vertical niches and geo-located niches.

5. Driving Traffic Methods and ROI High-level overview of the best strategies for a local business on the Internet.

6. Email Marketing Breakdown  Niche-based e-mail marketing, Geo-based e-mail marketing, campaign segmentation and blog content strategy.

7. Web Assets To Market  Online properties and assets that local businesses promote to achieve top rankings.

8. Search Marketing Defined  Overview of search marketing strategies

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