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Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys

Our Local SEO Services, managed and executed in Chicago, are a perfect mix of offline and online marketing techniques. We’re not into tricking the search engines for short term gain. Our clients enjoy geo-exclusivity (we won’t work any direct competitors)  & top spots on Google and other engines for their top keywords.  We can’t guarantee results, but if we don’t get you #1 or #2 within a few months, fire us!

Local Businesses who deploy Local SEO open the doors for:

  • Increase New Business Dramatically
  • More Profitable Clients or Patients
  • Increased Client or Patient Engagement
  • …meaning more Referrals, more positive Reviews and more Testimonials

How We Do It

Our Unique Custom Marketing Strategy Includes:

  • Implementing our Review Acquisition Strategy so you get high quality 5-star reviews
  • Testimonial, Education or Commercial Video Creation.  Yes, this service gives you videos you can use for your business.
  • Creating and participating in Social Media Channels, we take care of Facebook, Twitter and all that.
  • Acquire multiple unorthodox and High Quality Citations.  How about being listed with all your partners.
  • Local PR Campaigns – We’ll get you free press in your local newspapers
  • Establishing 160+ Profiles with High Authority, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Axiom among many others.
  • Organic On-The-Page Website  Optimization.  Your website won’t just look pretty, it’ll perform and we’ll make sure all best practices are used.
  • Company Blog Strategy – Maybe your best means to share your company culture and help retain clients
  • External Link Building Strategy – Ok, this is some of the science behind the scenes stuff.
  • Complete System to Measure and Monitor Progress.

Google+ Local, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Apple Maps, Yahoo Local and now Amazon Local just to name the big players. There are more and more ways each year for businesses to connect with users & customers. These users are searching locally from their iPhones, iPads, Tablets, PCs and soon Smart Televisions. Local Internet Marketing from WON Marketing has the ability to bring in business with new patients or clients in your own backyard. The best part about our services is how qualified your leads will be.

How We Provide Analytic Reporting

They say that anything that is measured improves. WON Marketing is a firm believer in the concept that you need to have control and understanding of what your partners are doing.   We use analytics where is matters most. We have the tools and reporting capability available give a detailed look into your SEO progress. During our monthly meetings, you and your project manager will cover the reports and how they affect your business.

Our Systems for Measurement and Correction

You’ll Receive Monthly and Quarterly Reports Including

  • Claimed Listings for all new profiles, citations and listings
  • Activity Report – linking to ALL new content we’ve created that month
  • Inventory of Assets – we’ll organize every profile, every piece of media, every citation, every account, everything marketing into our own management document.
  • Keyword Rankings Report (sample report)
  • Reviews from all sources on the Intnernet
  • Competitive Research

To get started or learn more, just click on the banner to fill out a form and we’ll call you within 24 hours.  Or, if you want to hear our unique voice system, give us a call at 847.807.4382 and someone will be there to take your call.

A freshly designed website, developed to convert traffic into leads, prospect, clients and patients, will ensure a higher ROI (return on investment) for any subsequent marketing efforts you do, such as PPC, SEO or email marketing.  While website aesthetics are important, far too often the main goal of the site is overlooked…to convert prospects to customers.

The WON Marketing Development Process

We will work with you, to develop a 1st class website to showcase your business.  WON Marketing uses the following 4 step process to facilitate the creation of these websites: Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy. There are 4 steps to the WON Marketing Web Development process, identified below.

DefineWON Marketing will work with you to define your goals for your website in regards to branding, design, functionality and sales. WON Marketing will conduct a comprehensive assessment with you to ensure all of your objectives will be met.

Steps: Define Goals & Site Architecture and Create Project Scope

DesignWON Marketing will work closely with you to develop a website per your approval and provides you with a fully customized design process that guarantees you receive the website you want. Our creative and dedicated graphic artists will design your site to promote your companies identity while enhancing usability and user experience to ultimately capture leads and increase sales.

Steps: Brainstorm Ideas, Create 2 Custom Mock-up Designs and Design Final Layout for your Home Page and Internal Pages.

DevelopWON Marketing’s experienced developers will convert the approved graphic design into a fully functioning website. At this stage all of the multi-media enhancements to your site will be created by our highly skilled professional team of designers and developers.

Steps: WON Marketing will convert the Final Design into HTML, Create Internal Pages, Develop Content, and Create Flash Banner and any other multi-media add-ins.

Deploy Once the website is complete, WON Marketing will access the usability, content and structure of your website to ensure the finished product is a successful combination of design and functionality.

Steps: User Experience Testing, Functionality Testing, Site Optimization and Website Launch upon your approval.

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Discover the most COST EFFECTIVE way to market your business online with the HIGHEST ROI!

Learn how you can solidify the relationship that you have with your existing customers through targeted email marketing and earn the right to do business with prospects, keeping them engaged with you! An Email Marketing Campaign is an effective way to populate your sales funnel with prospects while keeping your costs down.
  People who are receiving the email have opted-in to receive them and don’t view them as interruption advertisement. This also can be an excellent way to build credibility with consumers by providing articles of value. WON Marketing also leverages and builds your existing email list to make your campaign as successful as possible.

Highest, Most Cost Effective ROI

Email Marketing has the highest Return on Investment of all online marketing channels. In fact, we are so confident in the effectiveness of our email marketing campaigns that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. That’s right. If you do not achieve an ROI with your first email, we will not charge you a penny!

Consistent Tracking

Many people will ask, “Well how do I know if Email Marketing is working?” We have a variety of analytics and tracking tools that will paint you a picture of your campaign’s progress. These metrics include email opens, unsubscribe rates, link follows, coupon use, and phone calls. You will also have that warm, fuzzy feeling in your gut from knowing that the campaign is keeping you on the minds of your potential customers. View Our Email Marketing Portfolio

Campaign Management

Here’s a list of the services included with your email marketing campaign.

  • Email List imports
    • Data cleaning
  • Website Sign Up form(s)
  • List Management (Changing who is on what list each month)
  • Content design and copyrighting for each campaign
  • Graphic Design for each campaign
  • Testing the design
  • Processing bounces and unsubscribe requests
  • Building and providing web-based report on the results
    • Data Analysis and recommendations
  • List and image hosting
  • List Delivery

We Deliver Results. Not SPAM

  • WON Marketing is 100% compliant with the CAN-SPAM act of 2003.
  • Email Marketing works! Email marketing is predicted to return an incredible $48.29 for every dollar spent in 2014. Source:       Strategis Marketing, Dec. 2012.
  • Measurable.       Your results are measurable to determine your ROI within a few short months.
  • Easy to Manage. We will do it all for your and be held accountable for our results.
  • Flexible.       We can target many different groups for different purposes.

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We’re not here to sell you anything, but at least try and earn the right to GIVE you a Complete Online Analysis of your business.  No cost to you.  No commitment.  Heck, we wrote the book on ‘Internet Marketing for Small Business‘, we know a few things.   Watch this 2 min video to learn what we have FREE for you.  You’ll quickly learn what we can do for you, all starting with us earn the right to your business with an impressive step-by-step plan you can implement on your own, if you chose.

Driving Qualified Traffic

Qualified Traffic is the first critical piece of generating leads.  Those prospects who are ideal for your business.  This marketing plan will provide you with the critical pieces to start or optimize your online marketing efforts.

  • Keyword Research for your top 5 revenue converting keywords.
  • Onsite Website Report on your website to what is wrong with the site from the eyes of the Search Engines.
  • Competitive Analysis Report on why competitors outrank you in Google and who’s strategy needs to be evaluated.
  • Specific steps to create the right mix of online exposure so you can rank high. When implemented, results could yield front page results, providing more leads.

Converting Traffic

Once you’ve generated qualified leads, you must convert those leads into customers or patients.   During our free customized Marketing Plan, we’ll provide you with all the right tools and analysis to help you improve your conversion.

  • Audience Group Analysis, delivering the right message to the right audience groups
  • Identify the objective and minimum objective of each audience group
  • Tips and Suggestions to improve conversion of each group
  • A System to immediately implement to properly measure all of your Internet Marketing success. Everything measured Improves.

Register Now for a Customized Internet Marketing Plan

Forget the Management of the Services while you spend your time doing what you do best, running and growing your business.

What are Private White Label Internet Marketing Services? A WON Marketing White Label Reseller is an individual or company that has access to clientele that requires some form of Internet Marketing Services. The Private and White Label indicate that the business can utilize marketing material provided by WON Marketing, Inc or Local Marketing Source, LLC. Training material will be provided and only students of Local Marketing Source, LLC are eligible in order to maintain service consistency and quality.

How Much Can You Earn? WON Marketing prides itself on earning a ROI for ALL clients. Services start at $1000 per month and depending on the service, a WON Marketing White Label Reseller can earn up to 25% recurring commission every month, for every client. Commission is paid for the life of the client or business relationship. Earning potential is endless.

Instant Credibility I own WON Marketing. I am a partner in Local Marketing Source, LLC, teaching this stuff. I’m putting my name on my White Label Services, as your business partner in the community. You can use my agency portfolio, my education company or success with my company NAPAREX bringing retail delivery to the United States. We have all the education, management documents, skills, successes and passion to delivery a quality service to your clients on your behalf.

Ongoing Support  With regular private monthly meetings, online education, online forum, weekly group calls, public forum and social channels, we are here for you! Don’t’ forget the old school telephone. I’ll even give you my personal cell for any problems you may have. Call Scott direct at 847-807-4393 or email at

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