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Search Marketing (SEO)

SEO is the practice of getting a business listed high in the search engines. Below you’ll find some of our SEO successes. Because the #1 & #2 spot on Google represent over 40% of organic traffic, success for us only represented by these two spots. Otherwise, we should be fired!

Algonquin Chiropractic Center is a Chiropractic practice in Illinois with office locations in Algonquin, IL. Chiropractors are highly competitive with marketing and Algonquin Chiropractic Center ranks Number 1 for searches of “Chiropractor in Algonquin”.

SkinMedix is a skin clinic and laser center located in Hermosa Beach, CA. In this highly competitive local industry, our client ranks Number 2 for the keyword “Botox in Hermosa Beach CA

Total Dentistry is a dental practice in Illinois with office locations in Palatine and Yorkville. Dentists are highly competitive with marketing and Total Dentistry ranks Number 1 for searches of “Dentist in Palatine”.

NAPAREX is a leading provider of same day delivery and distribution of products as small as an envelope to a truck load of skids.  Beating out major brands for years such as DHL, UPS, Dynamex and FedEX, NAPAREX has enjoyed the Number 1 and Number 2 spots for “Courier Service”, “National same day delivery”

Courier Complete is a software solution provided by Complete Innovations and is a leading global provider of mission-critical operational solutions for the mobile workforce and transportation-related companies. The company wanted to attract more website traffic through search engines. We helped Courier Complete rank Number 1 in Google for “courier software” among dozen others. They were not found on the front page when we began with them.

Chicago Messenger Service is Chicago largest courier company with over 600 messengers. We were able to dominate the Chicago marketplace for them in both organic results and local results. They maintain their Number 1 spot.

ScottGallagher.xyz is an Internet Marketing blog that offers tips to businesses of all types that are in need of marketing advice. Founded by owner of WON Marketing, Scott-Gallagher.net ranks Number 1 globally for “Internet Marketing for Small Business”, “Local Internet Marketing” among hundreds of other profitable terms

Website Development

Websites for small businesses are far to often overlooked for it’s true purpose, to support the conversion of prospects to clients. While our websites are aesthetically appealing, we pride ourselves on our highly converting websites. Our team of developers include a designer, marketer and coder. Most miss this marketing piece.

We have built over 200 websites!

Here is a list of some of the companies that we’ve done websites for, some you may recognize.


Cody Chiropractic & Wellness Center is a chiropractic and wellness care provider located in Fox River Grove, IL.


Blue Cab is a taxi service based out of Chicagoland area. Blue Cab has been a long time client with WON Marketing and this is our third website we’ve created for them over the last 6 years.


Arrow Messenger is a large, Chicago based courier and delivery company. With several hundred drivers and millions in revenue, Arrow Messenger is a leading messenger with their website.


The Algonquin Academy of Dance was established in 1983 and is a technique based, multi-dance discipline program, taught by professional and friendly instructors


LMS is a leading Internet Marketing Education firm, where we get much of our education from….and we did their website!


NAPAREX is a full service, National Same Day Delivery company


We develop highly effective, expertly designed sales and marketing presentations for your company using cutting-edge multimedia tools. Browse the different type of media we’ve created in the past to speak to a specific audience.

NAPAREX is a National Same Day Delivery Company. Below is a two minute video we created using local and stock footage.

This is an example of a testimonial video we edited. Our client acquired the footage on site with an iPhone.

Dr. Anthony Galante introduces his practice to patients. We use professional audio and lighting to maximize the quality. In this case, Dr. Galante was in front of a colored background.

Dr. Barthen discusses his Chiropractic office in Cary, IL.

We call these our ‘Office Walk-Throughs’. While images for search engines have become more important, a 360 tour is the new thing. These video walk throughs are something we do that add great value to every business. Here’s some examples of video walk-throughs.
Courier Office

Taxi Service

We have created a lot of different graphics including Infographics, Brochures, Business Cards, Post Cards, Direct Mail Campaigns and News Ads.

While this isn’t our core focus, our designers are fantastic and we offer design service to customers of other services ONLY. Please contact us for examples of graphic work we’ve completed.

Every once in a while we’re hired to make something that’s fun and doesn’t necessarily meet traditional marketing objectives.  Here are some videos that are just….well fun!

The Local Opportunity!

A fun animated video about how local businesses aren’t quite sure about what to do on the Internet.

The “Scott Gallagher” Theme

This is a silly video from our founder, Scott Gallagher. Let’s face it, he’s a much, much better marketer than rapper!

Speed Drawing

We also create simple video intros and outros. This is an example of our own speed drawing and we can easily do this for your videos.