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Best Backlink Strategy for Attorneys

There is no good backlink strategy I really dislike the term ‘backlink’.  It goes against everything SEO in my opinion. Now my industry, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most convoluted, fragmented, unregulated misleading industries in the marketing world. This has led to an abundance of misinformation and poorly executed campaigns. And strategizing to acquire ‘backlinks’ is one of my most hated strategies in my business. Just because you

Keyword Research Tips & Lists for Attorneys

Keyword Lists for Lawyers Keyword research is one of those topics that has become too confusing with too many shiny objects. Before we talk about keyword research, let’s understand that this is a process of marketing research. Marketing Research Marketing research is merely the process of gathering analyzing and understanding information about a particular market.  In its simplest form, marketing research can be understood by two unique processes. Primary marketing research

How to Rank a Law Firm on Google

There are literally dozens of verifiable and successful methods attorneys have used in the past to find new clients, but aside from Word of Mouth Marketing, Search Engine Optimization is the process that’ll bring you more clients from the Internet than all other mediums combined.

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