Super WiFi – FCC 

To an internet marketing firm this might sound like something out of a comic book, but according to Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the FCC, there is a faster and larger internet network which goes by this name which is one way, pending a commission vote.

super_wifiThis “super Wi-Fi” is much stronger than the current Wi-Fi signals that we are used to and is a perfect compliment to streaming video and video marketing. According to his interview with CNN, Genachowski says that these signals go much further, and can travel through more obstacles, such as walls, while losing less signal strength. His excitement was palpable in his comments, and he projects that this new technology is going to open the doors for many further innovations.


New Slide Show Mode in Places 

places_logoThere has been an announcement about the new ability to view the images which are connected to a Places page to be viewed in a slide show. 

The idea behind this innovation is to streamline the process with which users view the available photos of a places page. It is going to allow users to quickly see all the images which are connected to that Place in a single easy to use format. When photos come from external sources, you can quickly and easily visit the web page to view the source of the photo. 

Google is confident that the new slideshow experience is simple and intuitive. All a person has to do to start the slideshow is find a Place’s page, and click on any of the photos. The Places Page will then dim into a background, and the view can select which photo they want to see an enlarged view of. 

YouTube Instant 

youtube-instantOne of Google’s new features is known as Google Instant; a predictive search results provider that is useful to an SEO company as well as the casual web surfer. A student at Stanford, Feross Aboukhadijeh, made a bet with a friend about the creation of a similar engine for YouTube. The bet was that Feross, 19 years old, could create YouTube Instant within a single hour. He failed on the hour deadline, but he succeeded in creating YouTube Instant in one afternoon.


 The New Twitter 

Twitter has for a while now been engaged in a long term rollout of a service they have simply dubbed the ‘new’ Twitter. There are many new features involved in their overhaul of the service, one of which is the ability to embed photo and video content into tweets. The content can be visible directly from a user’s feed, changing the way that Twitter users share media.

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