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Local Internet Marketing is a buzz word that we’ve been hearing for almost a decade now.  It’s no secret consumers and businesses have been moving to the Internet to research their products and services.  Now the move is incorporating local business marketing with mobile.  Except this is a different meaning, a rather new unique meaning, to Mobile Marketing.

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You see, we’re an Internet Marketing Agency providing marketing services to businesses that services other businesses, or B2B Internet Marketing.  We cater mostly to the transportation industry today, with about 80% of our customers in transporation, the other 20% come from referrals and are businesses such as dentistry, chiropractic, wellness, I.T. and software.

This is a video of us ‘marketing’ while ‘mobile’.

We’re a pretty laid back bunch of hungry marketers who have fun and work hard.  We tend to enjoy some of the finer things in life, such as how beautiful of a country the United States is to drive.  Unfortunately in today’s business world driving is too slow.  Not when you have technology and the means!

So we packed up the company van with our marketing material, booth luggage, (healthy) snacks, drinks and some technology.  Not only did we set up a wireless hotspot, we were testing the newest tools being pushed by Google on their newest mobile devices.

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While discussing the conference we were at, we pondered how we can differentiate ourselves from the dozen of vendors who are going to market to the audience we just visited.  We are different already because of our soft, education based selling approach, but how to get that message over to our audience?

Well, since we didn’t have to deal with the airport and enjoyed a luxurious rides with ample head room and standing room (5’5 clearance in here) and we had the technology, we’re import the 200+ business cards into our online system, take some live video and broadcast that wirelessly at 75 mph (about 115 km/h).

Not only did the technology support that, I successfully broadcast-ed my weekly faculty call to my students around the globe!  That business is called Local Marketing Source.

In any event, it was an amazing trip.  We had a lot of fun, made several new friends, got some work done and made memories.  I simply could have not asked for more from a business trip.  Looks like United might not get as much business from me this year. (Well, we also booked two flights while on this trip, so I’ll see you in Galveston next week if you’re at the TCLA).

How Mobile Marketing helped Us

Google Maps

Sure, it’s free.  It replaces Tom-Tom.  It has live, real time traffic updates.  It told us we had 7.9 miles of bumper to bumper traffic in Louisville.  It spoke street names and worked pretty good.  A couple of software glitches though.

The Weather Channel

With GPS enabled, we saw the live visual satelite map while on I-75 Southbound and predicted the rain would stop within two minutes even when we were still 60 miles inside the rain.

Google Voice Search

“Find the nearest Rest Stop”.  No button pushed.  We had GPS directions to the closest rest area.

Google Gogles

Took pictures of business cards we acquired and Google put them into a database.

Google’s YouTube

This above video was shot on a Google Android phone and with two button pushes was live on Google’s YouTube.

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