There are many reasons you might want to consider converting your website to be mobile compliant. In this article, I discuss in greater detail the implications. (click here to check if your website is mobile compliant)

Bottom line, if your website is not mobile compliant, you are already losing profit. Period.


WON Marketing Conversion Process

In order to be mobile compliant, you need a dynamic website that changes the placement of content on different size devices, like a phone or laptop.

The easiest way to accomplish this is through code functionality in a Content Management System, or CMS. Our preferred CMS is WordPress. We have done over 250 different WordPress (WP) websites and we have dedicated resources programming WP websites.  Not outsourced to someone overseas.  ‘Made in the USA’ means quality theses days….

You might already have a CMS, but this does not mean your website is mobile compliant. This is dependent on your theme, and most themes are NOT Mobile!

Benefits of a CMS

  1. Easy for Non-Technical Users

The main point of a CMS is to allow users to add, remove and change content without programming knowledge. If you want use Microsoft Word, you can add and remove pages on a website running a CMS.

  1. Always Up to Date

WP uses themes and plugins. New plugins are available when technology changes. For example, Facebook changes a feature, allowing you to stream content on your website from your Facebook page. The developers of the Facebook website plugin get to work. Your website plugin gets updated automatically and you have the new features….without hiring a developer to make changes.

  1. Immediate Communication to Clients / Prospects

Because you can add content very easily, you can add content immediately without a developer. Perhaps you have a promotion you want on your blog, or you have a new employee….perhaps the weather is bad and your deliveries for the day will be delayed…you or your employees can put this on your website in minutes

  1. A Blog!

It’s amazing how many business websites do not have a blog. I don’t know why. It’s a major factor in ranking, but more importantly, it’s the most effective way to communicate with your audience.

Not Facebook. Not Email Marketing. Not Instagram or whatever. It’s your blog.

WordPress will give you the ability to immediately have a blog.

  1. Some additional Awesome Features & Benefits!

    • Web Analytics – know who is coming to your website from where
    • SEO Optimization built in
    • Design Functionality – without rewriting content
    • Multiple Users
    • Security – always being Updated – automatically
    • You’ll Save Money!

Here’s the Offer….

We’ve done over 250 CMS websites and we’re pretty efficient now. Most local business website’s we’ve done are between 9 and 15 total pages.

Not considering the posts on your blog if you have one, we’ll convert your existing website to a WordPress CMS platform and ensure your website and content is mobile compliant.

We’ll do this for a flat fee of $1000.

This promotion is being promoted to all of our clients and prospects. But we can not take more than 7 new project in August and 10 conversion in September. Otherwise I feel we’ll comprise our great service. We’re servicing the conversions on a first come, first served basis, and you need to expect two weeks for the conversion to be completed.

Complete the form below or call 847.807.4382 and we’ll get in touch soon to discuss the conversion and provide any additional details you require.

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