Besides the never ending slew of bills, what else are you getting in your mailbox? Not your email box, but your actual snail mailbox. “Junk” mail has decreased as has a lot of the “You have been pre-approved for this fantastic credit card offer!” type of mail.

Personally speaking, I have received very little in the way of holiday cards. In years past, and usually starting right after Thanksgiving, I would have received a steady stream of holiday cards. This year, it has been a veritable trickle.

I will not be sending any paper cards out myself. I most certainly have in the past. I have sat down and painfully filled out, signed and addressed many a physical holiday card. After my daughter was born, I added pictures to these cards. I never could get my you know what together enough to do any sort of yearly recap newsletter. And the last few cards that I did send out turned into Happy New Year cards.

Last year and this year, I will not be sending out any cards. Not because I went bah humbug or any other sort of Grinch moment. There’s just too much going on all of the time, and truthfully, those cards are an overwhelming task. Then factor in going to the store to purchase the perfect cards to send out, filling out and addressing them, and then getting the proper postage for said cards. These days, in my world, that is not economically practical or environmentally friendly.

And then what happens to these cards and newsletters after the fact? Do people actually keep these things? I don’t. I apologize to all of my friends and acquaintances out there who do and still take the time and trouble to do these cards and newsletters. Really, no offense, you are all still a very important part of my life. But I just don’t hang onto all of that.

In my world, thank God for social media. Between email and Facebook, I am able to update my circle of friends and I am able to keep up with them. Quick, easy, instantaneous. Through social media (namely Facebook), my legions of friends have grown and there would be no way that I could successfully keep in touch with all of them without social media. I send out invitations to parties and social events via email. I post my events and current pictures on Facebook. I have sent out plenty of e-cards and e-gift certificates. And I will send out electronic holiday greetings this year via email and Facebook. Not very traditional but it works for me.

Social media is not only a great, environmentally friendly way to keep in touch with friends and family, but businesses can use these same means to reach out and touch their customers and other associates that have anything to do with the business. Consistent targeted email marketing can help a company continuously market their brand and foster customer relationships.

So, who has cards that still need to be sent out?  A Merry everything to you and yours this holiday season.

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