Hello, and I'd like to welcome you to this blog. This blog is provided to you by the staff at CCS.
My name is Scott Gallagher and I'm one of the founders of CCS. I thought I'd like to write a post to share with you some of the things we have for you. First, I want to make it clear that we have an abundance of free resources for you at our company. We believe that you just might want to get to know us first before you give us the opportunity to earn your business. Or perhaps you may never do business with us, however received enough value to recommend us to a friend or colleague. Maybe neither will happen, yet our resources are always available and we welcome you to join our community.
CCS isn't just an agency that provides services such as SEO in Chicago, we are an extension of your company, a resource for you lean on and get support. We are educators and facilitators. We are fun and enjoy our careers, friends and family. We are hear to help you make your business better.
I'm an author and provide education to those who want to learn to sell SEO and manage an Internet Marketing Agency themselves. Through a company called Local Marketing Source, we provide private and semi-private education, info-courses, support groups and tools to help those who want to provide these services to other businesses around the globe. A lot of the resources and tools that LMS provides are free and as a partner with CCS, much of this education is available. Perhaps you want us to do your Search Marketing Campaign or get a free website Assessment, or you might want to manage your own email marketing, we'll teach you exactly what we do, or you can hire us to manage it.
Either way, we want to provide value.
I also write for my personal blog, which is a collection of material relating to Local Internet Marketing. Here you can learn about my own personal relation to this wonderful avenue of marketing we love so much.
CCS is a company that started in a small niche of the Transportation industry, called courier service. After selling software for a company who develops courier software, in 2005 I help founded CCS with my wife. We were an Internet marketing agency catering to couriers who were already behind the times, with a service that had barely excited the innovators and early adopters of search marketing for local businesses. It was a tough sell. We knew companies could benefit from the Internet, we knew people were using the Internet to find same day delivery service, but it was tough to convince buyers, yet be able to successfully pull it off!
In any event, using my skills from 10 years of sales and marketing, backed by my degree in marketing, we pushed forward with education. We discovered by educating our buyers on some of our knowledge, we were all in a better position to embark in a relationship.
Four years later, CCS has grown into a National Marketing Agency and allowed me to discover my passion, writing and teaching.
This discovery lead me to write my first course, a step by step book for local businesses, . This project later turned into Local Marketing Source, a full educational portal with faculty members and a growing library of education.
Now CCS serves many types of businesses including doctors, plumbers, technicians, trucking, accountants, non-profits, taxis, medical to name a few.
If you have a business that serves a local community, it is very likely that there is some sort of marketing that can be used successfully for your business. Perhaps it's search marketing, email marketing or social media marketing with sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Either way,
I'm convinced we have something for you around here.
Please browse around this blog for an ever growing number of posts from our staff and writers, or visit our website to learn more about how we can help your business. Feel free to visit my personal blog to learn more local internet marketing or myself. Go ahead and check out LMS, perhaps you might want to learn all this stuff yourself. Make the move and follow up on CCS Twitter for updates and I would highly encourage your to join our email list. We will NEVER send you more than two emails per month, normally it's only monthly. Our email NEVER sell you anything and they are there to give you a quick over on what's happening. Just the quick and dirty, if you never spend anytime on any of our resources, this email will be the perfect thing to follow the necessities.
I want to thank you for visiting our blog and taking the time to read this post in it's entirety. I hope you have and are having an amazing day!
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Scott Gallagher

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