Google Maps


Google made a recent change to Google Maps.  Now all edits made by users or an internet marketing agency must be reviewed and approved before the changes will be shown.  It used to be that edits could still be in a “pending” state and they would still be instantly publicized and viewed.  This new change was made in order to produce higher quality results that Google users have grown to expect.  It’s also a preventative measure to prevent spam or other unwelcome problems from prematurely appearing before the edited piece is reviewed.

Google Chrome


It may have taken a few attempts to work out all of the bugs, but the newest version of Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux has been introduced and is now stable.  It’s taken 6 months of work, but all of the slight glitches have been fixed.  New features have been added in order to allow the Mac and Linux versions to be in par with the Windows version.  All versions are currently ready to take full advantage of and will assist in your internet marketing needs. Get Google Chrome now!

SSL and Google Search


I’m sure you’ve heard of the potential risks while perusing the web on an unsecured network, especially when unencrypted and sent via wire.  In fact, most major websites fall in to this category.  When Gmail was launched in 2004 Google offered SSL support and to this day, the majority of other webmail providers still don’t.  SSL has been made the default setting for all users of Gmail.  Google also offers SSL support for many other products, such as Calendar, Docs, Sites and more.

It’s been years since Google added SSL encryption to their products, such as Google Docs, Gmail and others.  Google is continuing to enable encryption to their products and services.  Similar to E-commerce and even online banking sites, Google’s encryption surpasses the idea of a simple login password for an entire service.  This session-wide encryption has a significant privacy advantage over systems that only encrypt login pages and credit card information.  

The Economic Impact of Google

Yes; Google is primarily known as a search engine.  However, very few people recognize the tremendous influence of Google on our economic growth.  It was reported that in 2009 Google generated $54 billion of economic activity for businesses, non-profit organizations and website publishers.  After several requests over the years, Google has released a report, which quantifies their economic impact on a state level.  You can download this report HERE.

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