As an internet marketing agency we understand that Google has historically been great about helping people understand how to use their advertising systems. That trend is continuing with some advice that Google is now publishing regarding how to make the most of Google advertising. These tips are going to be very useful for an SEO service provider anyone trying to promote a small business on the web. adwords_logoAdWords is the flagship advertising product at Google, and is the tool that advertiser use to promote their sites on Google itself, and across the content network. When you’re trying to promote a business for a client, you are going to need to harness the massive power of this tool. b4It is the control in this tool which is so critical. You can measure results clearly, and can great marketing programs which conform to your exact specifications. You can easily measure your ROI through the available tools. The control over cost is another valuable tool when dealing with small businesses with limited advertising budgets. You can control exactly how much you want to spend on each click you obtain, as well as setting a fixed limit to spend each day on the advertising campaign. The speed at which campaign adjustments can be made is another unique property of AdWords. When you change the text of an ad, the changes become implemented almost immediately. If you have a client

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that doesn’t see the value of AdWords, there are some things you need to get across to them. One of these is that it is very difficult to rank organically for as many terms as may be applicable to their site. It is much easier to add terms quickly to an AdWords campaign which might be relevant to a business than to suddenly get a site to rank well in natural search for new terms. Some customers hear about how the PPC model works and immediately worry about artificial clicks which will cost them money. This happens much more rarely than people think, and there are many ways to help make sure that this doesn’t take place. Finally, many feel that if they’re doing well in natural search they don’t need the added element of paid advertising. Natural search results are essential, but they lack the precision control of AdWords. When you use AdWords, you can send the exact message you want, and send your customers to the exact page that you want them to land on. This is a valuable advantage.

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