This is a copy of an email sent from a good friend of our company. Eric Donaldson from Hotshot Deliveryprovided this message distributed through the MCAA Email Listserve. _____________________________________________________ From: Eric Donaldson [] Sent: Monday, November 23, 2009 11:23 AM To: Subject: [info] FW: courier service in houston tx BEWARE OF THIS SCAM! DO NOT GIVE OUT INFORMATION LIKE THIS, EVER! __________________________________________________________ From: RELIABLE PASSPORT & VISA EXPEDITE SERVICES [] Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 7:48 PM Subject: courier service in houston tx Hi to whom it may concern as per we

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are approved from the government to process passport in the texes government office we would like to have a courier that could picket them up and take it to the passport office between 9 to 10 am then pick it up from the passport office in the afternoon and ship them back to us to new york by fedex or ups the good part that u never have to stand in the line at the passport office because we are a licensed government approved agent but since this is government program we cant send in anybody from the street that’s why we need a list of all names and photo id and copy of drivers license to supply to government office in order they should be able to take them to passport office so please discuss it in your office and let me know ASAP so we can submit them to the government office in texas since we have a deadline it must be provided in a timely matter please note that we will pay you for the submitting and send these id and all expenses associated with this we appreciate your prompt response in this matter so we should be able to set this up with your company again we have a very short time period till we respond to government office. all the best Mike

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