CCS Helping Run Tellman Run Raise money for Homeless Youth

Scott Gallagher meets with Tellman Knudson, who is running across the United States of America barefoot to raise $100 million.   The operation is called Run Tellman Run.

While Scott kept having dreams of running barefoot with Tellman, he decided to meet Tellman half way across the country to discuss his trip.  Scott never got the chance to run with Tellman like in his dream, but felt is was a calling to help.

Passionate about helping the youth in the United States and Canada, Scott provides some amazing incentives to get you to help the Run Tellman Run organization.  Be sure to watch the video in it’s entirety.  By making a donation to RunTellmanRun, Scott and Shayna, partners at CCS,  are going to personally fund their employees time to deliver services to your company, at no charge to you, or rather, 100% of the revenue received goes the Run Tellman Run organization.  They are also making a minimum commitment to Run Tellman Run.

Scott also interviewed Tellman in Vienna, OH.  Watch the Interview here. OR mail a check to 200 N Harrison St., suite 106, Algonquin, IL 60102.  You can make the check out to

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Donation Summary:

$500 Donation to RTR and you get…

  1. One Free Email Marketing Campaign for your business – $397 Value
  2. Free Website assessment and analysis  – (1 hr site review by an LMS  certified PM) – $197 Value
  3. Free one hour consultation from Scott on your marketing initiative – $250 – value
  4. One Targeted Mailing to 2300 agents (our list, we’ve met every single person on our list and have been marketing to them for 5 years) – This WILL get you business if you are a courier.  $497 value


$1000 Donation to RTR and you get…

  1. Everything above PLUS…
  2. Follow Link on Scott’s blog with logo to website of choice (that blog does very well in the search engines and this link alone will help you with your website rankings) – Value – I never have and will never sell a link on my personal blog.  This is link is invaluable
  3. On the Page SEO (keyword research included).  This is the first major step in getting your website to the front page of Google.  CCS has several successes about getting a courier company to page one on Google with this strategy alone.   $797 Value


Click to DONATE NOW!!!

Note:  You will make a donation on the Run Tellman Run Website.  Upon receiving your receipt of payment from RTR, email to receive and schedule your bonuses.  You may also send a check to CCS for your donation.  Make a checks payable to ‘’.

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