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How To Get SEO Clients as an Attorney

If you’re an Attorney and are Not Ranking in the Top 3 Spots on Google, this is for you. So you’ve made the decision to go at in on your own.  Good for you. Maybe you’ve worked in a firm for some years, are fresh out of school, or have had your practice for a few years and simply need to get more new clients. Either way, you’re looking at an

7 Reasons Your Immigration Law Firm Isn’t Succeeding

Is your immigration law firm not as successful as you hoped it would be? Read onto learn 7 reasons your immigration law firm isn't succeeeding. Immigration law is a hot-button issue right now. You'd think that the average immigration law firm would be burdened with more clients and cases than they could manage, but if anything, the opposite is true. Some people may blame slow business on there being too many lawyers

Marketing Your Attorney Firm on the Internet with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are a lot of attorneys around, and don’t you think they all want to placed #1 on Google?   Well, we’ve got hundreds of first place listings for attorneys around the country and I’m going to show you how. I’m still dumbfounded at the opportunities for most attorneys to capitalize using the Internet, and so many missed opportunities. How about my client in San Jose. They’re dominating Google, BING and Yahoo

SEO Video for Lawyers! Tip #2 – Service Page importance

This SEO Strategy fits better under the element of conversion rather than ranking, but did the egg come before the chicken? Marketing starts with some basics, such as the Who What Where When Why. Far too often are website structures poor and this affects your SEO rankings. More important than Yoast SEO is this simple set up of your service pages on your website.

SEO Attorney Tip #1

This is a very simple, power SEO tactic that we employ on a minimum of once a quarter for our client distribution, depending on budget. This one strategy is super easy, provides a lot of valuable real links from very trusted sources. Watch and learn!

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