Is your immigration law firm not as successful as you hoped it would be? Read onto learn 7 reasons your immigration law firm isn’t succeeeding.

Immigration law is a hot-button issue right now. You’d think that the average immigration law firm would be burdened with more clients and cases than they could manage, but if anything, the opposite is true.

Some people may blame slow business on there being too many lawyers coming out of law school. Others may assume that they just don’t have the right clients in the area.

The truth is often much simpler than that, and it often has to do with marketing and advertising.

Are you ready to get your firm the business it needs? Read on to learn some of the simple, but impactful, mistakes you could be making when you market your firm.

7 Marketing Mistakes Your Immigration Law Firm is Making 

Immigration law is an important subset of law practices, and people need to know that you’re ready and willing to help them.

When you have the right marketing strategy in order, you could do things you never thought possible. If you’re making any of these mistakes, it’s time to get on the right track and get your firm the business and strategy you need to succeed. 

1. You Don’t Have a Plan

You have a website that’s up to date with all of your current information. It’s possible that you may even have a Facebook page or a few other social profiles for your firm.

Having certain things you’d use to market yourself isn’t the same thing as having a defined marketing strategy. If you want to grow your firm, you need to sit down and come up with a marketing plan you can follow. 

When you’re thinking of your marketing plan, also take time to think about who will execute it. If there’s too much happening internally for someone at the firm to handle it, consider contacting a marketing company that can do the work for you.

2. You Don’t Know Your Target Market

If we were to ask you who your target market is, how would you answer? 

This may come as a surprise, but “anyone in need of an immigration lawyer” isn’t a good answer. In order to have a successful immigration law firm, you need to have a clearly defined target market and client.

Take time to really think about your ideal client and what motivates them. Think about how old they are, how much money they make, and why they’d want to use your services. 

3. You Don’t Maintain Relationships 

The judge has given their ruling and another case has closed. What happens to the relationship with your client after the work is done?

So many businesses rely on word of mouth advertising, and it isn’t any different for lawyers. If your relationship with the client ends once the case is over, you’re missing out on a lot of potential new business.

Find ways to stay in touch with clients after you’re done working with them. You never know if they have a friend, coworker, or family member that could use your help.

Email marketing could be a simple way to keep the lines of communication open between you and previous clients. A short email with law tips and your contact info could be what you need to stay on people’s minds. 

You can also use email marketing to check up on clients a few months after their case is over. Write something short and sweet that lets them know you’re thinking of them and want to make sure that they have everything they need.

4. You Rely Too Much On Written Content 

A lot of marketing and advertising professionals will tell you that content is king in their realm. In the past content typically meant written words, but now content could be any and all mediums you use to communicate with people. 

There’s nothing wrong with writing a few blog posts and social posts, but if you only rely on the written word you could be missing out on some much-needed clients.

English can be a difficult language to learn, and some people consider reading and writing in it to be much harder than speaking it. If you produce videos for your website and social profiles you could reach a lot more people. 

5. You Don’t Stand Out From Competitors 

If your firm’s big marketing message is that you offer immigration law services, you need to take some time to define what makes you different from other law firms.

Simply saying that you provide certain services isn’t enough to get new clients. They can find plenty of other firms that offer the same service, that’s why you need to find your differentiator and make it a part of your marketing message.

Do you have a bi-lingual front desk staff that can help first-time clients? Does your firm specialize in family reunification cases? Are you in a convenient location or easy to get to by public transit? 

Take time to think about why someone should go for you over a competitor and make that a focal point of your marketing message. 

6. You Speak in Legalese 

It’s no secret that immigration law can be complicated. You may be very familiar with complicated legal language and terms, but your clients won’t be.

Using complicated legal language in your ads can easily distance yourself from your clients. Make sure you’re using language people can understand and take extra time to explain some of the more complicated parts of the legal process.

Remember, legal terms are for judges and lawyers to understand. Your job is to help your client that lacks a legal background. 

7. You Don’t Take Reviews Seriously

Word of mouth is still an important way for businesses to find new customers and clients, and review websites have become the new “word of mouth” for the 21st century. 

You may not take much stock in online reviews written about your firm, but potential new clients will. You need to make sure that you can be found on popular review platforms, and that you have nice reviews.

Don’t be afraid to ask clients for reviews, especially if you just won a particularly tough case for them. Also be sure to address negative reviews in a calm and rational manner. 

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