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Youth Hockey Team Brings Black & Yellow Luck to the Blues

May 23, 2019 – St. Louis, MO – A Black & Yellow Crystal Lake Youth hockey team was hosted and treated by the last place St. Louis Blues on January 19, 2019 against the Ottawa Senators. Since then, the Blues went on an 11 game winning streak, clinched a playoff spot, and now have their sights set on their first Stanley Cup, facing another Black & Yellow team.

The Yellow Jackets Bantam team from Crystal Lake, Illinois was competing in a tournament in St. Louis and was invited by the St. Louis Blues to their hockey game against the Ottawa Senators on Saturday January 19.  The Yellow Jackets proudly displayed their team colors, black and yellow, while holding the eight flags during the national anthems.

“The game wasn’t very exciting, the Blues won 1-0” states team manager, Kaycee Wellington “but after this game, the Blues went to win 11 straight”.  The St. Louis Blues were dead last in early January, and with hard work and passion from the team and their rookie manager, the Blues became in the best team in the NHL during the latter half of the season.

The irony of the visit are the jerseys of the Crystal Lake team.  Coming from Blackhawk territory, the team proudly supported the Blues…wearing team jerseys that strongly resemble the Boston Bruins.

“Perhaps we’re their good luck team” shares Wellington.

Native of St. Louis team dad, Chris Rohan, and long-time Blues fan exclaimed “It was such a privilege to visit the Blues with my family and watching my son hold the St. Louis Blues flag during the anthem”

With even a little more irony, the game prior in January, the Blues lost against the same black and yellow team they’re going to take the cup from, the Bruins.  Maybe the Crystal Lake Yellow Jackets need to be on the ice for the opening anthem of the Stanley Cup finals.

The Crystal Lake Bantam Yellow Jackets is a Northwest Hockey League team from Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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