The 80/20 rule says spend 80% of your time on the 20% of activities that yield 80% of the results.

Many attorneys spin their tires grasping the newest shinny object.  Here you’ll read are the most effective marketing techniques we’ve seen with the hundreds of firms we’ve worked with.

  1. Choose a Specific Niche
  2. Over time, build your list of clients for referrals
  3. Effective Website
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Paid Online Advertising
  6. Online Engagement
  7. Local Community Engagement

Choose a Specific Niche

Rather than being a general practitioner, you can automatically set yourself apart by choosing one type of law to focus on.

You could focus on tax and trademark issues. When a potential client is looking for an attorney, they already have a specific challenge at hand. They are likely to both find and trust a lawyer who focuses on that type of law, rather than one that spreads their attention between several specialties.

Build your List of Clients for Referrals

A common marketing mistake for attorneys is trying to do too much all at one time.  This doesn’t work well.

It’s like throwing some mud at the wall hoping some will stick.

New attorneys typically go through an entire list of potential clients and referrers in their community. But most of these people are not likely to need legal services at that moment. This could just prove to be a waste of time.

Building up a list of prospective clients and referrers. Some of that will happen during the course of regular business operations. This could lead to a bigger referral list and a healthier option to your business over time.

Effective Website

Driving Qualified Traffic + Conversion = New Clients

Far too often business websites miss the mark.  The primary objective is missed, which is encourage visitors to pick up the phone to make an appointment.  The next consideration is to provide content that answers buyer’s objections.  That’s it.

By properly conyeing your elevator pitch to your target audience upon landing on the page will improve your conversion.  Easy navigation to find the relevant content is crucial.

Don’t evaluate your website on aesthetics.  Measure performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for attorneys is a farce.  Truth is you NEVER want to optimize yourself for the search engines.  Never.

You want to properly market yourself to your target audience and in turn the search engines reward you with ranking.  Sure, it’s still SEO, but SEO should consider the clients first.

SEO takes time, however after several months of hard work you are rewarded with top 3 listings for keyword searches without ever having to pay Google.

Paid Online Advertising

Paid online advertising is often referred to as PPC.

We like to think of PPC as the same as visiting the Las Vegas strip.

There are dozens of massive hotels making huge profits with 1000’s of customers losing money and a small handful of customers making a profit.

PPC is no different.  Google and Facebook are historic companies, with the majority of their revenue from online advertising.

Like SEO, it needs to be done right or you’ll lose your shirt.

Online Engagement

It is said the best form of marketing is word of mouth.

The best marketers know where to find the hero clients and leverage their stories.  Having a Review Acquisition Program in place for your firm will help with this.

By engaging online with your reviews and followers, you are creating an element of trust, which can be seen digitally.

Local Community Engagement

We can’t forget old school!  Let’s face it, your firm serves the community, so why not get out there and serve them on their turf.

Whether it’s the local chamber of commerce or your village counsel, participate in community event.

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