This is a story of a doctor in Palatine, Illinois who made a change in her life.

IMG_7353_smShe wanted to grow her business so she could spend more time with her family and live the American dream she hoped for when she dreamed about owning her own practice.

Meet Dr. Pelak from Total Dentistry.  Her first practice is located at 647 N. 1st Bank Dr. in Palatine, IL.  After a year of making a change, she opened a locating in Yorkville.

The Change

Doctor Pelak learned the difference of working ON her business versus IN her business.  There’s a big difference.  She went to school to fulfill her dream of owning her own practice as a dentist.  She earned her doctoral and opened.  What she didn’t learn in school, in order to fulfill her dream, she had to find all these new patients and it wasn’t that easy.

The most dangerous quadrant to operate your life is staying stagnant with “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  After what seemed like two decades of school, education on proper business marketing and growth seem tiresome.  Dr. Pelak decided she needed to ‘know’ what she could do and figured out how.

Dr. Pelak begun to work ON her business.  She developed a plan.  She created points of measurement and accountability and she executed.  She learned the value of systems and procedures, in the business, along with her dental procedures.

The Doctor’s Paradox

Like most professionals, education is a means for something more.  To achieve the coveted perfect workplace, enjoying every moment of the day, every day, every week.  Your workplace is your happy place, feeling excited to wake everyday and fulfill your career.

Where one’s life mission is to serve others through legal education & guidance, or returning self esteem with a smile or removing daily pain with wellness care, often overlooked are the 100’s details of growing and managing a real business.

It seems like after half a lifetime of education, another massive mountain is ahead, and from the distant, you are taught the marketing mountain is easy.  It’s not so easy.

The PlanIMG_7369_sm

Dr. Pelak created a plan.  She formed a team.  She managed the execution.

On the operation side, she made sure she had the right tools for growth.  A system to manage her patients.  A system consistently touch base with them, and communicate with them.  Her plan called for education, to let her patients know of her services and how to share the word.  She made her lobby inviting and made an effort to do the best job she could.

Each business has multiple departments.  She found a vendor to help in operations and one in marketing.

Her marketing plan was simple.  To get her message to locals and be there when locals are looking.

A simple Push and Pull Marketing strategy was born.

Being found on the major search engines was a part of this.  Let’s face it, Google has over 80% market share.  We google stuff now.

Press releases in the local newspaper and local publications read by the public created the local authority.

Radio advertising drove pushing the message.


After a year, after getting the proper education, creating the plan, assembling the team, managing the execution, Dr. Pelak was able to remodel her first location, open a 2nd and hire two doctors to take some of the work load.

She is still working on her business, managing her team and results, but she is not doing her own canvasing standing in malls and grocery stored begging for an exam.


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