Why Courier Companies need Internet Marketing

Here is a short (3:20) video put out my WON Marketing President, Scott Gallagher discussing the implications and importance of Internet Marketing for the transportation business. 83% of Americans use the Internet. Over half of those people use the Internet to find a Local Business. That’s almost 1 in every 2 americans who end finding a business that they give money to through the Internet. Hands down, search is where people find businesses. Google is the behemoth with 70% market share. So all these people use the Internet, but Google tells us that less than 50% of businesses today don’t have a website, AND 90% aren’t doing any Internet Marketing. See the disconnect here? Or see the opportunity? If you want to grow your business, which most entrepreneurs do, and you aren’t considering Search Marketing services, you’re going to lose. These statistics are only increasing. Not to mention the Courier industry is slow to adopt technology. You still have tremendous opportunity to capitalize in Search in Your local market. You now have three choices.

  1. Hire a firm to get you to #1
  2. Learn it yourself, or empower an employee
  3. Wait

Whether you chose to hire someone or learn the skill set in house, you are already ahead of the majority of you courier competition. We can help with both. In the next couple of months, stick with us. We’re going to be sending you some emails providing the right education that we’ve learned to give an industry. I have 1000’s of students who have bought my training, heck I sell my full course at LocalMarketing Source for TWO grand. I have students who are helping hundreds of small business owners with great success around the globe. Check me out,

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I’m not like most other Internet Marketers today. The secret is marketing, not manipulating the search engines. Stand by, I’ll teach you exactly what we do for our clients. You can choose to take this to the next level.

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