The only constant is change. Whoever first coined that phrase wasn’t just giving us all a piece of useful advice to apply to our personal lives, but was also clearly directly commenting on the world of business, which is always changing. One needs to go no further than the current shifts taking place in the e-commerce world to witness that change in motion.

The advent of the e-commerce industry was a revelation to most people. Without leaving their homes, individuals could spend hours shopping online to find exactly the product that they are looking for. Not only that but, by having access to the entire internet full of e-commerce providers, they were given the ability to find items that they have no hope of finding in their local shopping centers.

However, the e-commerce world still fell short in certain regards. The most noticeable of those was always shipping times. Wherever you were ordering from, it was always going to take several days at best to get your order shipped to you from your online store. In cases where speed was essential, such as business transactions or ordering gifts for the holidays, brick and mortar stores won out.

This trend is going to change, however, as the e-commerce and the courier service industries together are finding a new way to better serve customers. The best example of this from a large company is in the new service that Amazon has announced to its customers.

Amazon has introduced their “Local Express Delivery” service. This is a service that will, in seven cities, offer same day shipping of products bought at  This service is going to revolutionize the way that customers view online shopping. Interestingly though, it is possible for other e-commerce providers to also have access to this new shipping solution.

When you look at a company like Naparex, you will quickly see that they offer same day shipping to most of the country. This means that any e-commerce provider could conceivably offer that same option to the vast majority of their customers. This totally removes the barrier of time to the online shopper, and is likely only going to serve to boost both the e-commerce and same day shipping industries.

Same day courier service is accomplished by a company like Naparex by using couriers from all over the country to make their deliveries. If a delivery is only going to travel a short distance, they might only use a single independent courier. If they are shipping across the country, they might use an airline, a car, and a bike messenger. Regardless, they have the resources to make same day deliveries, no matter the combination they might have to use those resources in.

It is the combination of technologies that has brought about these changes. Traditional transportation industries like trucking and the airline industry have come together in single courier companies. Couriers have combined those shipping options with things like wireless dispatch technology; allowing them to far more effectively interconnect them. When that model combines with the e-commerce model of online shopping, it brings about an entirely NEW way of shopping. That new way could end up being the most convenient and the fastest method of customer purchases being made to date.

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