Google Mobile:


Both the iPhone App Store and the Android marketplace have been growing like mad over the last year. When spending your money on Apps, usually you want to do a little research before purchasing…which is where Google comes in to play. Any Internet marketing agency should take note of this, as SEO may become important in the consumer acquisition of apps.  Google has made some changes to their searches when you’re searching from an Android device or iPhone that makes it easier than ever to research and buy a new App.appsearch-1

When you search for information on an App while using from a mobile device, you’re going to see results in a new way. You’ll have information such as its reviews, publisher, and price clearly displayed. You’ll also find links to information about that App. Finally, you’ll also see a link displayed where you can go right to the applicable store (Android Marketplace or IPhone App Store) to make a purchase of the app, which will be displayed at the top of the results pages. 


Security Changes at Google: 







There has been a new addition to the way that people can search for information using the most popular search engine in the world. Now, if people want to search at Google while keeping those searches more secure and private, they are going to have the option of accessing a SSL encrypted version of the Site. This is going to be very easy to access, and secure searches can be executed simply by visiting rather than

While secure searching is certainly going to offer an improved user experience for people worried about search security, there are some questions that this is going to bring up for search engine marketers. An important part of search engine marketing is always keyword research. SSL blocks most analytics programs ability to access referral data, meaning that marketers may be unable to retrieve the search terms that people are using to access websites. This could have an effect on the ability to craft the most effective SEO and PPC campaigns possible. It remains to be seen how Google Analytics will be able to interact with and access data from the secure search site. 

Google Maps – Transit Changes:

One of the things that can be the most difficult to figure out when you’re visiting a new city is how the transit system works. Google Transit has made it easier than ever to access the transit information that you need from their Maps application.

chicago-transit-layer-300x284When traveling in a new city, it’s not enough to just know where the train or transit stations are, you also need to know the details of their routes in order to make use of them. A new feature that can be accessed from the left hand panel in Google Maps is going to provide you with access to all this information. You can search for a transit station, and then colored lines will show you which transit types go where, and which stations are on which routes. You can see departure times for rail trains, and the next departure of other types of transit like subways and buses.


Real Time Image Searching:

The information that is part of the social web has been incorporated into Google search for a while now through the use of real time search results. This provides people with the ability to get the most up to date information available on the hottest topics. However, this has to date only been text based information, but is now going to be expanded to include more rich content like images. If you want to enable real time search results to include images, just go to “Updates” on the left hand side. Then click “Updates with Images” so that you can see that latest images uploaded by the web on the subject that you are searching for.

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