All About Reviews

It is said the best form of marketing has always been Word of Mouth Marketing.

Reviews are simply the digital form of WOM.

Except, we seem to live in an online world where customers won’t hesitate to leave a negative review, but rarely are they excited to log into Yelp and leave a positive review. Ahh, the negativity in the world…but that’s for another time!

Finding the Right Reviews

A marketing strategy marketers frequently use is the ‘HERO’ approach. Every business has a hero, or a few. A hero to a business is their poster child, the perfect case study. You know, that customer that is a raving fan, one that talks about you a lot.

In fact, most successful businesses, if not all, have several raving heros. As good marketer will find these hero, court them, take special care of them and give them company privileges.

These heros have already expressed their complete satisfaction. A good marketer will find these heros and ask them to share their opinion on the Internet, help others learn about the great services.

This is where our Review Acquisition System comes into play. But more on that later.

Reviews Improve Conversion

Converting a prospective client to a client typically can be measured and defined as ‘lead conversion to customer’. Marketers have a whole set of metrics and ratios to monitor and measure, but conversion is extremely important.

Imagine the conversion of a direct mail campaign. Open rates aren’t high, and increasing your conversion of the open rate by a mere 1%, in the case of direct mail, look at the chart below. An increase of the open rate by 1% results in an increase in profit by 600%!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.45.23 AM

OK, so these numbers are a little skewed, but it demonstrates the power of increasing conversion slightly.

Your reviews are the greatest factor in converting your prospect online.

Reviews Improve Ranking

There is no question that a bank of reviews or a bank of positive reviews will help your business show up further in the search engines. But with 200+ factors a search engine considers, reviews are a mere factor and sometimes don’t bear enough weight.

However, while reviews are a factor in the algorithm, so is the velocity of reviews and consistency of review growth.

But more importantly, and an element hardly discussed in our world, is the propensity for a review to increase service area.

Take for example a chiropractor’s office. They typically service patients within a 5 mile radius. But a good Chiropractor, with patients 10 miles away, and these 10 mile patients are leaving positive reviews, Google will show that business in the search engine page for searches 10 miles away.

Happy customers are willing to go further for good businesses.

Review Acquisition Strategy

You may know I have another business where I teach this, in fact it’s been commanding almost 80% of my time lately. There I aggressively teach my Review Acquisition Strategy.

You seem it’s a major violation of the T&C’s of almost all the sites for a business to solicit reviews.


Our review acquisition strategy doesn’t no solicit reviews. We do not ask for them. We do not allow our customers to leave reviews while on premise.

But our clients have 3x plus the number of reviews from their competitors.

We are also on average hold a 20% higher rating than the average competitor.

In other words, our clients have more stars on their reviews then their competitors.

This is why you need to implement our review acquisition strategy.

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