Google TV is, yet again, changing the way that we view the internet. Just like the mobile revolution put the internet in the palms of our hands, Google TV is now putting it in our living rooms. Google TV is going to bring an awesome combination of current TV programs, applications, and the web onto our television sets.  This opens new doors for a business, website development company or SEO firm.  

google-tvJust like we needed to think about how to optimize our sites for a great mobile experience, it is also worth taking some time to think about how to optimize the experience of your site for people viewing it from the Google TV platform. An internet marketing agency should be aware of the changes.  The browser’s capabilities mean that everything should work, but you need to think about interface. To once more draw the mobile comparison, when everything is tiny and on a phone, certain types of navigation make a site more usable. On a TV when you’re sitting across the living room, and using a remote, keyboard and pointing device to control your browsing, a different type of navigation again might be best.

 Television Browsing Considerations

 –        Don’t make it confusing which element on a site a user has selected. It should be VERY clear, even when they are sitting ten feet away.

–        Your text needs to be big enough so that it can be comfortably read without strain from the far side of a room

–        The navigation structure of your site needs to be able to be utilized via remote buttons instead of a more traditional computer UI

 Testing a Site

 Of course, the best way to test a site for Google TV is to have a Google TV enabled device and test the site on that. These devices are available now, so this is possible. If you don’t have access to this type of device, there are still ways you can test a site.

 Essentially, you want to load your site in full screen mode onto your monitor with a window size of 1920X1080. The larger the monitor you can do this on, the more accurately it will represent the TV experience. Then, you want to magnify the view to a 1.5X magnification. Now, step far away from the monitor. Try to be about as far away as a normal couch in a living room. Now, see how your site looks! This is a great test to give you a preliminary feel for your site through the Google TV experience.

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