In the world of Internet Marketing, Google Analytics is known to play an important role in testing your website traffic and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Google Analytics is easy to use and potent tool that offers ample flexibility

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to strengthen your marketing initiatives and properly increase the conversion of your websites. google-analytics-revampedWhen Google’s Brett Crosby announced the new enhancements for Google Analytics, it put a smile on the faces of many. What Google has developed is an application gallery that allows users to sync certain Google approved applications with their Google Analytics accounts. Though there are not a great number of applications currently available, the potential for additions and further advancement is tremendous. A few of the new applications include: Call Track ID: a simple solution to track calls

  • Words Stream Keyword Management for SEO: allows users to better manage their SEO efforts
  • Pure Response – Integrated Analytics: allows users to review interactive reports for all of their Email campaigns, as well as any site activity that results.
  • Trackboard: allows users to view data from all of their Analytics accounts on their desktop without having to log in.

As if these new enhancements weren’t enough, Google also announced their Asynchronous Tracking Code that users are certainly going to appreciate. This code provides incredible speed and accuracy of data collection, as well as quicker page loading. Because of these remarkable improvements, Google has been urging all of its users to update their accounts to the new version as quickly as they can. In order to take full advantage of all that Asynchronous Tracking has to offer, you should be sure to update any existing customer accounts with the new code and

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ensure that it is in place with all new customer accounts as well. A successful business understands the importance of tracking sales and conversions. Whether your goal is to track general traffic, email campaigns, banner ads or offline ads, the newly enhanced Google Analytics has you covered. Set your goals and learn what must be done to achieve them. Your Adwords campaigns can be integrated with Analytics and view post-click data on your match type, search queries, keywords and more. Analytics displays a visual funnel in order for you to pin point where your weaknesses are and fix pages in order to take full advantage of every potential opportunity that visits your website. It almost seems as though the possibilities are endless.

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