Realtime Search at Google

Google introduced the features of their real-time search this past December. At that time, Google had a goal to provide content in real-time from a very wide ranging group of sources that would be integrated directly into an individual’s search results. The focus on achieving that goal was to bring more relevance to the web with the freshest information available.

Google is now making the most important enhancements to this by providing a home for this real-time information and by adding powerful tools to assist users in finding exactly what they are looking for. Users will soon be able to utilize Google Realtime Search by visiting  This is important for an Internet Marketing agency to understand.

Increasing Domain Results

Increasing copyChanges to Google’s ranking algorithm will now be returning a larger number of results for a single site to users that exhibit interest in specific domains. Whereas, in the past, a user might have only seen one or two results from one site, there will now be many more relevant results provided. For instance, if a specific business is typed into the search engine, the top results should appear at the top of the page and the remaining results will provided below, or on the following pages.


Google Improves Options for Mobile Users and Launches Guide for Business Owners MobileMaps

Google Maps for mobile was launched five years ago to help mobile users reach their destinations without the traditional paper map. More than 100 million mobile users are now taking advantage of this application every single month to find places nearby, get directions, and more.  This changed the game for an SEO Firm as well as the private user.

The web giant is constantly finding new methods for users to take advantage of when accessing reports, charts and financial data and Google Finance’s new mobile website is no different. It is an easily navigable site that provides lightning fast results in response to your mobile actions.

Google has also launched a “Getting Started Guide for Google Sites and Google Places” to assist business owners in increasing their overall web presence, as well as their Google Maps presence. By creating a site on Google Places, a business will have imperative information online and available for potential local customers to view when they search for businesses in their area. It can also help to cut down on calls asking for directions and business hours.

Yelp Deals to Offer Sneak Peaks

Yelp has been connecting local businesses with consumers in their area for years, and now they intend to provide additional value by highlighting special deals for users of the service. The deals that are slated to be highlighted are from local businesses that the Yelp community has identified as being consistently above average. So far, Yelp is only showing these deals in San Diego, but they will soon be showing deals from businesses in other cities as well.

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