With Google being the number one search engine used in the United States for the past five years consecutively, it is no wonder they are constantly improving and renovating their features to attract today’s population of online clientele.

Google Places

Google Places

For any business currently in the market, new or old, that is looking to promote themselves to a large media of clients; Google is definitely the search engine to be listed on. With the constant, daily traffic that flows through Google, a business can thrive in the search for their products or services; especially if they offer products/services that a majority of people want or need. Along with the new claim to

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fame a business can experience on Google Places, comes a package of new, sleek features that can be used in their favor. Some characteristics of a Google Places business search includes: selected service areas, (to map out to potential customers or clients exactly what areas your business covers; works extremely well for business that are mobile.) low monthly advertising fees and business photos, which allow a business to display both the interior and exterior of their company. Over a matter of time and a healthy amount of searches, local business will enjoy the pleasure of being able to move up in searches for their products and services. Google determines how far up a company website is on a search list by how many searches have actually taken place for that particular business. This is not a paid feature offered by Google, it is merely a means to keep the playing board even and allow every company to earn their rightful place on a search. With the competition far and wide between Google and its competitors, the same opportunity is given to their local businesses. Sure, other forms of advertisement exist that are effective in driving traffic for your business, but with the newfound love and ever-growing advancements in technology, approximately 7 out of 10 individuals will turn to online resources for information on whatever it is they may need. All the more reason why you should list your business in Google Places and help website promotion. The next step in obtaining effective results is to get your business known. Your competition isn’t waiting so why should you? The mission of any successful business is to do what they need to do in order to provide exactly what their clients want or need. So what are you waiting for? GET UP, GET OUT AND GET KNOWN! Google Places is a click away; don’t be your own competition!

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