mobile website conversion

  1. You’re losing new customers
  2. You’re losing existing business
  3. Your Word of Mouth Marketing has a bleak future….

Let’s face it, you’ve heard this before…you need a mobile website. Well, I’m saying the same thing…except let give you a different perspective.

Bottom line, you’re going to lose new customers, lose existing business and your word of mouth marketing, your best marketing, has a bleak future.

Before I get into this further, let me explain a few things about what a mobile website really means.

The difference between a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, mobile phone or even browsing the internet on your TV is rather simple. They are all a computer with simply a different size display. Really, when it comes down to it, ‘mobile marketing’ is simply giving consumers the right information on the device they are using.

It’s that simple.

But most websites built before 2012 or 2013 do not have this ‘mobile’ capability. And it’s now costing you profit for not having a website that is mobile compliant.

Yet it’s much easier to have this mobile functionality. Is your website mobile?

If you browse your website, and you need to scroll left or right to view content (not up and down), then your website is not mobile. Sure there is more to it than simply the scroll test, but I’ll get into that further.

A mobile website is a dynamic website, one that changes the placement of the content (text, images and video) to be allowed to be displayed in an attractive manner on the varying devices, whether it’s a 27” desktop, 15” laptop, 10” tablet or 5” iPhone.

A mobile website answers all the marketing challenges….deliverying the appropriate content potential customers are asking for in order to take action on your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Chiropractor or Courier company. Your customers go to your website to answer their questions…whether it’s your address, phone numbers, philosophy, techniques….you know, those consumer buying questions….which leads to conversion.

The Number One reason to have a mobile website is ….

  1. You’re losing new customers

Bottom line, you’re not going to rank in Google searches if your website is NOT mobile compliant. Google has a nice tool here to check how mobile compliant your website is.

Let’s face it, Google’s job is to send their users to a place that answers their questions. With over 60% of users looking for local businesses now using their mobile phones, it’s obvious Google will want to give it’s users the best user experience, hence sending them to websites they can easily view on their phones.

Since search drives more traffic to a local business website than ALL other mediums combined, the value of your website drops if it’s not mobile compliant.

It’s that simple.

Traffic + Conversion = Sales

That’s the Internet Marketing Equation. Since it’s apparent a non-mobile compliant website will results in poor rankings, a non-mobile website also affects the other part of the Internet marketing equation…conversion.

This is taking a prospect to take an action…book that first appointment, or place that first delivery order.

If a consumer needs to scroll left and right, up and down, the proof is clear, they’ll move to the next website.

  1. You’re losing existing business

They say you have 3 ways to increase and grow your business

  • Get New Customers
  • Increase Existing Customer Transaction Amount
  • Increase Existing Customer Transaction Frequency

Truth is, the first one is the ‘go to’ for business owners, but the following two are much easier and often forgotten.

Your website is an extremely valuable tool for help you with the ‘other’ two ways to increase your bottom line.

By driving existing customers, and education them on all your services and offerings, statically you can encourage your existing customers to spend more and spend more frequently.

It should be obvious now where I’m going with this….You are missing over 60% of your existing customers of you’re not doing this properly.

You are leaving profit on the table, today, right now.

  1. Your Word of Mouth Marketing has a bleak future….

The BEST form of marketing in history for a local business is, and always will be, word of mouth marketing.

I could write an entire book on why I believe this to be truth, even in the days of the Internet.

Apple has the most expensive computers around, but is the richest company on the planet.

Because they have a great product and great service.

If you’re a local business, and you are passionate about always giving your customer a great experience with your company, people will talk.

People will leave reviews. Customers will flock to give you a video testimonial.

Truth is, I’ll trust the palate of some of my friends to recommend a great local restaurant rather than reading a bunch of reviews on Yelp.

But there are also friend’s palates that I won’t trust. But that same person, I’ll trust their opinion on the best hardware store. Point is, I’ve some how, internally, figured out who I trust for what types of products and services…this is Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing.

So a friend recommends a restaurant to me. I browse their website, but become frustrated their menu is old school PDF format that doesn’t fit on my phone. That document has an 63% chance I’ll leave within 3.7 seconds!

Word of Mouth FAIL. All that investment to deliver a good product and service is out the door, because I didn’t invest a few bucks making my website mobile.

What Now?

Time for a Mobile Website! It’s that simple. Google itself says the average business should reconsider their website every 3 years. Heck, ‘freshness’ is a major ranking factor.

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