Your law firm is completely different from other businesses.  Therefore, you need to market your firm in a way that most attorneys miss.  WON Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm working with small business throughout the United States.  One channel provided is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Goal

Rank in Top 3 Results in Google for [Debt Protection Attorney in California]

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC is a Debt Protection Attorney in California.  Providing professional debt, collection protection services, judgements, student loans, collection lawsuits and debt settlement.  They wanted prominent Organic Google placement for five core competencies, which include [Judgement], [Student Loans], [Collection Lawsuits], [Debt Settlement] and [Credit Card Debt].

Between their core terms, considering the combination used to discover these services, we are focusing on 100 keywords, tracking the results for both Santa Ana and California based searches.

Ranking high is Google can bring a lot of leads to an attorney when a client has finally decided to hire an attorney.  When the client buying cycle moves from research to making the decision to hire, and when an attorney ranks in the top 3 spots, these 3 attorneys enjoy about 90% of online organic search traffic.

This is a real need for attorneys these days.  When you rank high, you can generate dozens of new leads weekly.

WON Marketing works on the Three Pillars of Internet Marketing, Organic, Paid and Social. When all three channels are optimized, you will be front and center in your target marketing for new clients.

The Set Up

The initial process begun with an extensive and thorough analysis to determine the current state of the firm on the Internet.  This included looking at 13 major factors on the website, the current internet exposure on profile sites, their social media footprint, content assets, past marketing efforts and overall consumer satisfaction online.

This allowed WON Marketing to create a 1-year marketing plan for the firm that focusses on all organic aspects of gaining new clients from the Internet.  This provided a framework for the detailed execution schedule provided to Fitzgerald & Campbell, detailing the exact monthly activity WON Marketing will perform.

During the initial set-up phase, WON Marketing made several adjustments to the website by increasing the page loading speed, ensuring mobile compliancy and website code validation and following all the best practices for On-The-Page factors such as adequate service pages, title and header tags and markup code.

All monthly reporting was created, and the client was educated on the monthly Ranking Reports of 100 keywords, Google Analytics (website traffic), Google Insights (Google profile traffic), the WON Marketing Inventory of Assets, the Monthly Activity Report, the Annual Marketing Plan, the Monthly Execution Plan and the Citations Tracking reports.

The Execution

The 3 Pillars of Local SEO

The organic strategy includes creating exposure on the Internet, such as being listed on local and attorney-based directories, published press releases, articles and online client reviews, however not limited to these examples.

When done properly, this is the formula to get high on the search engines local and organic listings.

  1. Content– The first pillar is content. This includes all types of digital media including, but not limited to, video, articles, press releases and propagation through social channels.
  2. Profiles– The second pillar is profiles. This includes using best practices to acquire new business profiles on a regular basis, on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Judy’s Book, etc.
  3. Reviews– The third pillar is reviews. This includes implementing our RAP interface (Review Acquisition Program), monitoring reviews in a timely fashion and identifying your top 10% of hero customers.

By creating effective marketing content including Press Releases, Sales Documents, Videos and Client Articles, couples with an effective propagation strategy, WON Marketing created a system of fresh, value added content for clients and prospects.

By demonstrating this content is valuable to the Fitzgerald & Campbell audience through views, likes, shares, time on page, bounce rate and navigation flow, this lends Trust and Authority to the firm, helping increase rankings.

Through a consistent and systematic approach of researching identifying and both Local and Industry profiles, WON Marketing consistently acquired 15+ citation profiles monthly on Santa Ana, California and Attorney related directories.  This demonstrates consistency in the branding and marketing efforts for the firm, in turn aiding in rankings.

The Results

For an attorney who focuses on solving serious debt problems, there are over 15 categories where services are provided, with an initial strong focus on the top 5. Whether the keyword search is [Debt Attorney Santa Ana] or [collection harassment lawyer in California], Fitzgerald & Campbell dominate for their local city of Santa Ana and rank #1 in Google for dozens of state-related searches in most of their 15 categories, and all of their top 5 categories.

With comprehensive tracking tools, we were able to generate over 24.85k impressions and increased the number of phone calls by over 400 since service began the summer of 2017.

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